We are Soft Focus Events!

An event based videography company based just outside Philadelphia PA, and serving anywhere in the world.

We are a small team with a passion for videography and a pristine attention to detail. With over 15 years of experience in videography, and 7 years experience capturing weddings, we know how to make sure our videos are every bit as special as the events we're capturing. We want you to sit back and relax as our lenses tell your story for years to come.

We are here to assure you that if you happen to get all wrapped up in your excitement and happiness (which you absolutely should!), We will be there to capture every moment for you - every detail, every candid you may miss while gazing into each other's eyes.

We look forward to meeting with you. Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have. Enjoy the planning process- it flies by!


Who we Are!



Founder / Owner / Operator

Hello! I'm Andre and I am the lead cinematographer as well as owner of Soft Focus Events. When I graduated from college in the film production field I never knew this is where it would lead me. However, it has been every bit rewarding not just for experience and development of my craft but how enriching it has been to capture such important moments of our clients so that the memories of their own dream would never fade. 



Owner / Coordinating Manager

I am Matthew Hunter.  Being the coordinating manager at Soft Focus Events I am in charge of planning with our clients themselves their events and celebrations to ensure that we capture their big day with the grace, elegance, and creativity that their memories deserve...and that we can provide.  



Lead Shooter / Drone Operator / Graphic Designer

Hi I'm Drew. I am the lead on site shooter but what I pride myself with is being the drone operator, or what I call myself: The Pilot. More recently I have developed a passion for the Drone and capturing "the shot" in it's finest cinematic form. We here at Soft Focus Events love the creativity that goes into telling the story of someone's love and dreams, and I feel we capture it with the right cinematic approach for our clients. It's the moments that they'll cherish but it is our style that'll make them want to relive it over and over again



Lead Shooter / Video Editor

Hi I'm Dan