Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions we get very often when talking to clients before they decide to book with us. I hope these are helpful!


1) Who will be showing up on the day of our event? Do you send other employees or contract your work out to other vendors? 

As of now, Either Andre or Matt, the two owners, will be always be at all of our events!

 2) How much notice do we need to give if we would like to add services / change our package?

At least a week prior to the wedding.

3) How much is it to add on time per hour if the day comes and we decide we want you to stay another hour or 2? Can we make that decision day of?

For each videographer it is $149 per hour extra. Yes, we absolutely can add the extra service the day of the event/celebration/wedding.

4) Will We Have Mic's on us for the ceremony or for toasts at the reception, how will you capture the audio?

Yes, during the ceremony we will mic the groom, which will pick up both bride, groom, and officiant for you wedding vows. During the reception we will coordinate with the DJ in order to capture the sound from the microphones used for speeches/Toasts.

5) “Getting Ready” Footage Isn't A Must But, In Your Opinion Is 6 Hours Enough Time To Capture The First Look And Until The Reception’s Later Formalities (cake CUtting)?

We encourage our prospective clients to go with at least the eight hour coverage then Elegance package provides. This is in order to capture all the important details of the getting ready, ceremony, and receptions we can put together cinematically the most complete moments of your story.

6) How long is the video montage, and what is included in it? 

Our montages will always vary in length because of what is happening through out each different and unique wedding day. Some montages are shorter, 15-20 minutes long, some are as long as 45 minutes (very rarely, and I always try and sway away from that). Since we now offer the speeches and the ceremony as their own videos, that allows us to keep our Best of Montages as what they are "Best of's". The reason most montages are longer then others is normally because of longer toasts. Which is great, but not everyone wants to watch a 40 minute montage, 15 minutes of it being toasts.

7) If you are sick or otherwise unable to come, how much notice will you give and do you have someone to take your place or find someone else for us?

Inn all of our years of working, we have never missed an event, and we have never had to scramble to find anyone because of an emergency last minute. However, if the worst were to happen, we have a very large network of qualified videographers and photographers, that we are sure we'd be able to find coverage if there was a emergency.

8) Is Soft Focus Insured?

Yes, we are fully insured and can provide a copy of proof to whomever requests one from us!

9) Do you charge travel and lodging fees if there is  a considerable distance your company has to travel? And if so how much do you charge?

WE do charge for any wedding outside of 300 miles. There are fuel and lodging costs would implement into the contract.

10) How much would it cost for extra time for the Photo Booth?

It is $150 per hour in extra time. And the request for more time could be added on the day of as well. 

11) Your packages provide six, eight, and ten hours. What if we wanted to book less time?

Absolutely. WE can customize any package that would suit your needs. However, we encourage capturing all the important moments be captured so that we can edit together your story in the most beautifully cinematic way.

12) Once the edits are finished how will we receive the montage, teaser trailer, and / or photographs? Will we be able to make changes to them after the first viewing?

Once we are finished with the edits of either the montage or teaser trailer we will email it out to you through vimeo along with a password. Once you have viewed them and you are satisfied we can remove the password and mail you out 3 DVDs. We do allow for one round of final re-edits.

13) What is the standard deposit when signing a contract with Soft Focus Events? 

For deposits we ask that our clients mail us check for $500 along with the signed contract we emailed. We keep the clients date open for 30 days from the time of the first consultation so that the client can make decisions with out being rushed into one. The remainder of the balance is due the day of the event/celebration/wedding.