Our Add on Services Breakdown!


Teaser Trailer

Our Teaser Trailers are anywhere from 4 to 6 minutes and are a great addition to your Highlight Reels and classic montages. They are delivered to you within 6 to 8 weeks after your big day. Teaser trailers are social media friendly letting your friends and family know that your fully edited feature legnth montage is coming soon! For a teaser trailer with copyrighted songs it is $450; For Royalty free songs it is $300.

Social Media Short

Delivered within 2 weeks of your event our social media shorts tell the story of your wedding day within in 2-3 minutes. We also use Royalty free music so that you are able to share it on all social media platforms.

Super HD (4k Camera) Package

Up until 2019 we at Soft Focus Events have used Canon HD Cameras to Capture our weddings. Recently we have added the option to Upgrade to our 4k Capable Cameras. (Sony a7iii) - Not only will the video quality of your final product be increased, all of the Raw Video that is included with all of our packages will be more clear and higher resolution as well.

Highlight Reel

The Highlight Reel is now our most popular feature edit because of how it displays your big day so cinematically but brief enough to share with everyone. It captures all of your most cherished moments in a respectful and succinct way. the highlight reel is 10 to 12 minutes long but brings back a lifetimes worth of memories. Highlight reels with copyrighted songs are $675; With royalty free songs it’s $450.

Classic Montage

Our classic montage is exactly what it’s name suggests. Though it is our long form feature, it is given the space for all those funny moments, heartfelt words, nimble dance moves, and loving looks that fill in all that memories can’t. It is 20 to 30 minutes worth of captive moments taht you will want to relive every anniversary or every few months. It is a full length cinematic experience that does justice to your most special day. Classic montages with copyrighted songs are $950; With royalty free songs $650.

Full Ceremony Edit

Although we always include the most special moments of your Ceremony, we can also edit the ceremony as its own separate video and include it on y your Flash Drive, DVDs, or bluRays.

Rush Delivery (2 week turnaround)

Would you like your edited Highlight Reel or Montage Delivered within 2 weeks of your wedding? Maybe just in time for you return from your Honeymoon! Add this on to your package and be escorted to the front of our editing Cue!

Extra Hours

Based on a 2 Videographer package.

Additional Videographer

Do you want to make sure every last detail is captured? Add an extra videographer to your package so that our third shooter can focus on the finest Details of your ceremony and reception such as crowd reactions or even a third angles of all formailies.

”Same Day” Edit

Make your Wedding Day even more special by allowing us to Edit a 3-5 minute video the day of your wedding and Show it to your guests at your reception during Dinner!

3 DVD’s / 1 BluRay / an Extra Flash Drive - $50 Each -

all prices include Sales Tax!